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Long Term vs Short Term Marriage in Divorce and What You Need to Know About the 10 Year Rule

Learn what issues are influenced by a long term vs short term marriage in divorce, particularly the impact on a California spousal support order.

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How is Child Support Calculated in California?

Many couples going through divorce ask us "how is child support calculated in California?" In order to understand how child support is calculated in California, you must keep in focus that California requires both parents to be mutually responsible for the financial support of their child. A parent is obligated to provide financial support to [...]

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Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights and What it Means

Parents may voluntarily relinquish parental rights in California. Voluntary relinquishment of parental rights, however, can only be made under specific legal circumstances. Obviously parents choose to relinquish their parental rights for a variety of reasons including divorce, adoption, legal guardianship, or foster care. The voluntary relinquishment of parental rights must be granted in a court [...]

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How to Contest Default Judgment in Divorce

Are you looking to contest default judgment in divorce? You may have found yourself in this situation because you did not file a response to your divorce proceedings. If a default judgment in divorce has been entered against you, don't despair. You do have options. Why Was Default Judgment in Divorce Entered?When a California resident [...]

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Supervised Visitation Solutions in Family Court

There are many forms of visitation for non-custodial parents. When the safety and welfare of a child is in question, a court may order supervised visitation to a non-custodial parent. The court will order visitation to be supervised if a parent has a history of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Furthermore, if a child’s safety [...]

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Reasons to Establish Paternity

There are many reasons to establish paternity in California. Establishing paternity provides benefits to both parents and children. Having the father sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity is a fist step in establishing paternity in California. However, paternity must be established in California by court order to protect a father's rights. Once paternity has been [...]

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Joint Child Custody Tips and Solutions

When exploring joint child custody solutions, there are many joint child custody options a couple can consider. First, California custody orders include both legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the decisions a parent makes about their child’s schooling, religious activities, and medical treatment. Physical custody refers to which parent the child resides with [...]

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The Connection Between Child Support and Visitation

When parents divorce or separate in California, they have to develop a child custody, child support and visitation plan. Generally speaking, child custody refers to the care, control and maintenance of a child. The court can award custody to one or both parents. On the other hand, visitation rights refer to the specific amount of [...]

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Child Support Laws in California – Is Child Support Mandatory?

Child support is a commonly disputed issue in a divorce or paternity action. On the negative side, some parents proactively seek to limit the non-custodial parent’s timeshare.  This action is taken to get more child support. Some parents, however, try to game the system by under reporting their income. This ploy is in attempt to [...]

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Can You File for Divorce in Another State?

Can you file for divorce in California when you and your spouse live in Nevada? The answer is probably not! Almost every state, except Alaska, South Dakota, and Washington have strict residency requirements to file divorce in that state. In other words, if you live in California but want to file for divorce in another [...]

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