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The Connection Between Child Support and Visitation

When parents divorce or separate in California, they have to develop a child custody, child support and visitation plan. Generally speaking, child custody refers to the care, control and maintenance of a child. The court can award custody to one or both parents. On the other hand, visitation rights refer to the specific amount of [...]

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Child Support Laws in California – Is Child Support Mandatory?

Child support is a commonly disputed issue in a divorce or paternity action. On the negative side, some parents proactively seek to limit the non-custodial parent’s timeshare.  This action is taken to get more child support. Some parents, however, try to game the system by under reporting their income. This ploy is in attempt to [...]

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Can You File for Divorce in Another State?

Can you file for divorce in California when you and your spouse live in Nevada? The answer is probably not! Almost every state, except Alaska, South Dakota, and Washington have strict residency requirements to file divorce in that state. In other words, if you live in California but want to file for divorce in another [...]

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What is a Legal Separation in California?

What is a legal separation in California? First and foremost, in California, filing for legal separation is not the same as filing for divorce or terminating a marriage. In other words, filing for legal separation serves as an alternative to filing for divorce. For example, couples may want to file a legal separation when a [...]

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Create a California Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital settlement agreements are prepared when two people agree to settle their divorce case. When you create a California marital settlement agreement, it should contain all of the terms of the divorce settlement. Every issue in a divorce that has been settled should be addressed in this agreement. These issues typically include child support, child [...]

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Annulment Qualifications in California

Getting an annulment is not complicated as long as you meet the annulment qualifications in California. To begin with, an annulment only occurs when a court determines that a marriage is not legally valid. In this case, you may want to consider filing an annulment if you want to contest the validity of your marriage [...]

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Legal Separation vs Divorce in California

Some couples choose to file for legal separation vs divorce. Doing so allows them to work out differences while living apart without ending their marriage. In contrast, some couples prefer to legally separate for religious reasons. Given these points, below is an overview of the key differences between filing for legal separation vs divorce. Read [...]

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What is Mediation in Family Law and Civil Matters?

People often ask us about what is mediation and how the mediation process can benefit their legal situation. In a nutshell, mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party, referred to as the mediator, helps disputing parties voluntarily reach an agreement about issues. Mediation is often used by couples who are divorcing. For example, [...]

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The Effects of Cohabitation and Spousal Support

Spousal support is based on one spouse’s obligation to provide financial help to their low wage earning spouse. Spousal support can be paid both during and after divorce to help maintain the marital standard of living of the supported spouse for a specified period. People commonly believe spousal support is paid for the lifetime of [...]

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How to Petition for Visitation in Guardianship Case

An interested party who wants to get an order for visitation in guardianship can petition the court for a visitation order. Generally speaking, most courts require the Petition be filed using local forms. This means that the process is not the same for every county and care should be taken to make sure the documents [...]

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