LDAs Open the Door to Affordable Legal Services

Legal document assistants (also known as LDAs) open the door to affordable legal services by providing low-cost self-help document preparation service to California residents. At A People’s Choice, for over 35 years, we have helped individuals, families, and businesses draft documents to get a divorce, settle child custody disputes and visitation, help with estate planning, [...]

Tips on Price Shopping For Legal Services

Price shopping for legal services is often frowned upon by attorneys. Most attorneys refuse to provide quotes for legal services when they believe a prospective client is price shopping. Most people don’t realize, however, that with the help of a legal document preparer they can get favorable legal results without spending thousands of dollars. Read [...]

Legal Blog – Helping People Represent Themselves in Legal Matters

Welcome to our online legal blog! This blog and our entire website is designed for people who: want to save money are not afraid of the legal system, and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. You will find our legal blog a great resource of legal information and [...]

Repercussions of a Criminal Record – How Expungement Can Help

The stigma of a criminal record has the potential to affect your life in ways you might not have realized when you committed the crime. A report in the journal Pediatrics suggests that nearly 1 in 3 people have been arrested by the time they reach the age of 23. A momentary indiscretion does not [...]

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Consumer Raves About Cheap Legal Document Service

Finding cheap legal document assistant help is fairly easy. Finding competent, professional cheap legal document assistance is not so easy. As this client discovered, lengthy court battles can become expensive. In the end, everyone loses and often both sides are left worse off than they started. Cheap Legal Document Service with Quality and [...]

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