Most of the complaints about LegalZoom are about poor customer service, not being able to talk to someone, not receiving a return call or a reply to emails, bait and switch tactics, and added fees for this and that.

The Importance of Customer Service

A People’s Choice is all about customer service. When you contact our office about your case, we will be able to give you concise and knowledgeable answers about your legal matter. In fact, clients who email us after hours or on the weekend are often surprised when they get a response back before the next business day. We don’t use bait and switch tactics when quoting fees, and our services are performed on a flat fee basis.

Corporate Inefficiency Causes Delays

A People’s Choice completes all documents in-house. When companies like LegalZoom outsource some of their document preparation, efficiency is lost. I read a story about a woman who had hired LegalZoom to prepare a simple deed. The process was taking weeks, then ran into months. Had that same woman hired A People’s Choice to prepare the deed, the document would have been prepared, signed, and submitted for recording that same day.

Want to incorporate or set up an LLC or nonprofit organization? With A People’s Choice we can check the availability of your business name, have you sign the organizational documents and electronically send them to start the processing with the Secretary of State the very next day. Actual filing processing time with the Secretary of State varies, but it is typically days as compared to weeks or months when using LegalZoom.

Ready to get your 501C3 tax-exempt status for your Nonprofit? We prepare the complete application with all the required attachments, giving you a ready-to-mail package. LegalZoom prepares only the basic application forms, sends you a list of instructions about the multitude of other documents and attachments required to go with the basic application, and wishes you luck putting everything together properly. The rest is up to you!

Need a Living Trust? A People’s Choice provides a personal touch for this sensitive process, offering a one-on-one interview process which gives you the opportunity for thoughtful consideration of various options for your estate planning. We also provide clients with drafts of all of their documents for review before signing. LegalZoom obtains information through an online interview and there is no opportunity to speak with anyone during the interview process. After the interview is completed, they mail you the automatically generated estate documents, there is no opportunity to change anything once you have read it, and it is up to you to find a notary and witnesses when you sign them.

Need to file Probate? A People’s Choice offers substantial savings for probate document preparation as compared to using an attorney. Attorneys charge statutory fees when filing a complete probate on an estate. Using our probate services can literally save the estate thousands of dollars! Legalzoom? – They don’t even prepare probate paperwork unless you hire one of their expensive lawyers!

Need to file for Divorce? Filing divorce requires the completion of many documents, and is a multi-step process of 2-6 months. A People’s Choice will complete all your paperwork, oversee your case and make sure the documentation is filed timely as the case proceeds through the various legal steps. LegalZoom provides you with all the documents but you are required to file them with the court. May sound easy at first but once you get into the middle of the process you will quickly discover how difficult that becomes.

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A People’s Choice can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your legal documents instead of an expensive attorney!

A People’s Choice is a Reputable Alternative to LegalZoom

If you need legal document help, A People’s Choice has a great reputation for providing exceptional service and is a great alternative to LegalZoom  A People’s Choice is a non-attorney legal document service dedicated to helping customers represent themselves in legal matters. Our corporate office in Ventura County serves the entire California state and we prepare and process documents for filing in all 58 Counties in California. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your legal document needs.