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How to Probate a Will in California – Full Tutorial

When you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, making legal and financial decisions is often difficult. Let's be honest: these are the last things you want to think about when you're grieving. Even so, it’s important to start managing assets quickly to prevent complications and make things easier for everyone involved. The [...]

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How Long Does Probate Take in California?

If you know someone who has been through probate in California, you probably noticed it can take a while. But how long does this sometimes complicated process really take? In some ways, this hinges on the personal representative in the probate case. The personal representative is either an assigned executor (if no will was [...]

How Does California Probate Work?

When you lose a loved one, the inevitable legal matters you have to deal with may seem difficult and confusing. If you are the personal representative, you may be tasked with executing the estate of the deceased through a legal process called probate. Probate is the procedure of administering a person’s estate after their death. [...]

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