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Welcome to our online legal blog! This blog and our entire website is designed for people who: want to save money are not afraid of the legal system, and want to learn how to handle [...]

How to Adopt an Adult Stepchild

If you want to know how to adopt an adult stepchild, there are some important things to be aware of. First, the consent of a biological parent is not required in an adult stepchild adoption. For this reason, some stepparents wait for a stepchild to reach age 18 to bypass the protest of a biological parent.

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How to File Conservatorship in California

Do you want to know how to file for conservatorship in California? First, decide whether you need a limited conservatorship or a full conservatorship. Do you need conservatorship over the person, the estate or both? Learn what forms are required and your low-cost options for help with the conservatorship paperwork.

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How to Change a Child’s Name in California

There are many reasons a parent may want to change a child’s name. For example, a parent may want to change a child’s last name if there's been a divorce, a party has remarried or when there is a parent who is not involved. Sometimes a child simply hates the name their parent gave them at birth. Learn how A People's Choice can help you change a child's name in California.

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How to File Probate in Alpine County

You do not need to hire an attorney to file probate in Alpine County, California. Most probate attorneys charge large statutory fees resulting in beneficiaries inheriting next to nothing from the decedent. This article will give you tips on how to file probate in Alpine County without hiring a lawyer!

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How to File Probate in Siskiyou County

Learn how to file probate in Siskiyou county without a lawyer. Find out which Siskiyou court handles probate, the steps to file probate in Siskiyou County, how to contact the Siskiyou County probate referee's office, where to locate probate rules, and the importance of the Siskiyou County probate examiner's office.

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Notice Requirements in Probate

In California, when probating a will, all interested parties must be notified. The notice requirements in probate vary from case to case but basically include all interested parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, and the estate’s [...]

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LDAs Open the Door to Affordable Legal Services

Legal document assistants (also known as LDAs) open the door to affordable legal services by providing low-cost self-help document preparation service to California residents. At A People’s Choice, for over 35 years, we have helped [...]

Tips on Price Shopping For Legal Services

Price shopping for legal services is often frowned upon by attorneys. Most attorneys refuse to provide quotes for legal services when they believe a prospective client is price shopping. Most people don’t realize, however, that [...]

Divorce Mediation in California

Divorce mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigating family law issues in court. Importantly, Family Court Services helps divorcing spouses resolve pending legal issues. Visit Family Court Services Mediation Programs for more information about reasonably [...]

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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

People often are looking for inexpensive options to handle legal procedures and ask us "do I need to hire an attorney?" Hiring an attorney is a personal decision, however in many circumstances, the answer is  [...]

California Divorce Timeline

It typically takes married couples at least 6 months to get a divorce in California. Divorce always involves filing and serving various documents. It may also include attending court hearings and conducting necessary discovery. As [...]

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California Probate Forms

Looking for California Probate forms? This article will give you links to common forms to probate an estate in California. You will also learn where you can get free and low-cost probate forms for many types of [...]

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Getting a Divorce in California

There are several requirements each spouse must fulfill to get a divorce in California. Below is an overview of California’s divorce requirements and processes that must be followed when considering getting a divorce in California, including [...]

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California Divorce Forms

Every marital dissolution filed in California requires both the Petitioner and the Respondent to complete and file several forms prior to the divorce being finalized. From filing the initial petition to entering the final judgment, [...]

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