How to Find a Divorce Attorney

How do you find the right divorce attorney? Some law firms dedicate themselves to specific kinds of cases. For example, some divorce lawyers only deal with situations in which the divorcing couple has a high net worth. Other divorce attorneys may choose only to represent fathers. Divorce lawyers set their own prices, but there is really no such thing as an inexpensive divorce attorney. The reality is that most people who want to get divorced cannot afford to hire a lawyer. That is why do-it-yourself divorce services have become so popular.

How to Set Up a Nonprofit in California

California law uses the term “nonprofit corporation” as a company that doesn't distribute profits to its directors or officers the way a corporation does. It may earn income by engaging in business activities, and it may have paid employees. With this in mind, however, it is not a conventional business in which the owners get a share of the profits. Religious organizations, social clubs, and charities are all eligible for nonprofit corporation status in California. You don't need a lawyer to set up a nonprofit corporation, but you should have your documents prepared by a qualified professional. The best choice is to hire a registered legal document assistant to prepare your forms.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Although you may think you need a divorce lawyer, often it isn't necessary. If you decide that you don't, then consider hiring a legal document assistant to prepare your divorce documents. For many people, this is is the safest and most cost-effective option and you can save money on routine divorce documents that don't require attorney expertise.

Steps for A Name Change in California

Sometimes we just hate the name our parents gave at birth. If you are at least 18 years old, fortunately you can choose what name you want people to call you! The steps for a name change in California are very straight-forward. All it takes is filing some documents with the court, publishing your request and attending a court hearing. Hiring a registered legal document assistant to prepare your legal name change forms will make sure that you get your name is legally changed in a fast and cost-effective manner.

How to Stop a Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment happens when the court orders your employer to take out a portion of your paycheck and send the money to a creditor instead. Since the law restricts how much money the court can garnish per pay period, it might take years before your debt is repaid and you can start getting full paychecks again. Getting your wages garnished might feel like a defeat, but you may be able to fight a wage garnishment, even if you cannot afford a lawyer to take up the fight for you. Learn how to stop a wage garnishment and how a registered legal document assistant can prepare the forms you need.

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Choosing the Best Probate Service in California

Can there be anything good about probate? Why do people often delay taking an estate through the probate process whenever possible? Why does probate have such a bad reputation, and how can you make it easier? It's no wonder people want to avoid probate and pay the high statutory fees charged by probate attorneys. When searching out the best probate service in California, hiring a probate lawyer is not the answer. Although the probate process is lengthy, probate is really just a matter of submitting paperwork to the court and completing the required steps. The best probate service in California is a registered legal document preparation service with a long-standing reputation and experience providing probate help.

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