How to Get an Annulment in California

Getting an annulment in California depends upon certain ground and statutes of limitations. Read on to learn if an annulment is possible for your marriage. Then, if you decide to submit an application for an annulment without an attorney, contact A People's Choice for help filling out your legal documents.

How to Transfer a Family Law Case to Another California County

There are a few reasons parties may want to move their family law case to a different California county. For example, maybe the petitioner originally filed the case with the wrong court. On the other hand, perhaps the parties have moved and the current court is no longer convenient. Whatever the reasons for transferring a family law case, there are specific steps you must take to do so. Read on to learn more.

California Petition for Final Distribution – Closing a California Probate

In order to close a probate estate, the personal representative must file a final account, report, and petition for final distribution. The petition for final distribution gives the court a detailed history of the probate case and explains why the estate is ready to close. Read on to learn more about the California petition for final distribution and how to close a California probate.

What To Do When a Renter Becomes a Tenant Nuisance: Your Rights in California

Whether a tenant is being too noisy or conducting illegal activity on the premises of a rented unit, landlords have legal rights to stop tenant nuisances. For instance, a landlord may provide a three day written notice requesting the tenant stop their disruptive behavior. Ultimately, a tenant nuisance who does not change their behavior may provide legal grounds for eviction.

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