You Cannot Immigrate Through Adult Adoption

Hundreds of thousands of people attempt to immigrate to the United States each year. Sometimes, the situation becomes desperate and people turn to wild means of obtaining U.S. citizenship. Trying to immigrate through adult adoption emerged as one strategy in 2016. Unfortunately, it does not work. If you or a loved one hopes to immigrate through adult adoption, do not be misled. While adult option remains off-limits, there may be other routes to getting a green card or U.S. citizenship.

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California Adult Adoption Forms

If you have been looking for California adult adoption forms on the internet, you have probably discovered that there are no Judicial Council California adult adoption forms. In most counties, adult adoption petitions must be custom prepared and typed on 28-line pleading paper. We encourage you to work with our experienced legal document preparers to complete the adult adoption forms you need. Not only do we make completing the California adult adoption forms easy and stress-free, our services are very reasonably priced.

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How to Adopt an Adult Stepchild

If you want to know how to adopt an adult stepchild, there are some important things to be aware of. First, the consent of a biological parent is not required in an adult stepchild adoption. For this reason, some stepparents wait for a stepchild to reach age 18 to bypass the protest of a biological parent.

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Adopting an Adult in California

We often receive calls from people inquiring about adopting an adult in California. Believe it or not, it is fairly common for an older adult to adopt a younger adult in California. Doing so creates a legal parent-child relationship. Adult adoption helps simplify complicated estate planning issues. For example, a party can make sure his/her [...]

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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

People often are looking for inexpensive options to handle legal procedures and ask us "do I need to hire an attorney?" Hiring an attorney is a personal decision, however in many circumstances, the answer is  no.  Yes, there are complex legal issues that need the advice and experience of a seasoned licensed attorney. Likewise, there [...]

Stepparent Adoption of an Adult

Adult adoption, though less common than child adoption, is a legal procedure one adult can use to adopt another. Adult adoption is done for various reasons. Stepparent adoption of an adult is common when a biological father has refused to relinquish rights to allow a stepparent adoption when the child was a minor. Once the [...]

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