Options to End a California Marriage 

There are three options to end a California marriage: divorce, legal separation, and annulment. Divorce is the most common options used by couples to end their marriage but there is a residency requirement. If a couple doesn't meet the residency requirement for divorce, but want to start the process, they can file a legal separation. Afterwards, once they meet the residency requirement, they can amend the legal separation to a divorce. In an annulment, the court declares the marriage illegal or invalid. A couple must have a legally valid basis for an annulment.

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Annulment Qualifications in California

Getting an annulment is not complicated as long as you meet the annulment qualifications in California. To begin with, an annulment only occurs when a court determines that a marriage is not legally valid. In this case, you may want to consider filing an annulment if you want to contest the validity of your marriage [...]

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Requirements for Annulment in California

This short video provides a general overview of the requirements for filing an annulment in California and the statutory reasons a person can use to get a California annulment Judgment. There are basically two premises a California court will grant an annulment of a marriage. The first is that the marriage is not a valid or legal marriage. The second is that the marriage can be "determined" to be invalid.

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