How to Register a Trademark Without a Lawyer

Registering a trademark is an important part of protecting your intellectual property and establishing a recognizable brand. Therefore, if you're starting a business, be sure to register your symbol, logo, or brand name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you're looking for more information on how to register your trademark, or require assistance completing the online application, contact A People's Choice today!

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How to Register a Copyright With A People’s Choice

As a writer, artist, musician, or other type of content creator, you work hard to make the perfect product - so you know how heartbreaking it can be to have your material stolen! While your content is automatically protected by copyright upon tangible creation according to U.S. copyright law, registering your art with the U.S. Copyright Office has major benefits. Read on to learn more about how to register a copyright with a legal document assistant, and why you should consider official copyrights for your art.

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How to Sell a Business in California

Congratulations! Selling a business in California is a huge milestone. From getting a business up-and-running, to developing customers and continued growth, selling a business in California is a true sign of success. Read on to learn more about how to sell a business in California. How to Sell a California Business [...]

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