Should You Use DIY Legal Websites?

What do you do when you need the services of the court, but you know you cannot afford a lawyer? Your first step is probably a Google search about your legal issue. You will probably find several DIY legal websites in your search results. While these sites can give you information, there is no substitute for professional expertise in preparing legal documents. The most efficient and affordable way to get your legal documents prepared professionally is to have a legal document assistant prepare them for you.

How to Register an Out-of-State Custody Order

There are several reasons to register an out-of-state custody order: 1) when a parent has filed a custody action outside of California of 2) when a parent has moved to California after obtaining an order in another state. You should register an out-of-state custody order as soon as possible. Learn how A People's Choice can help.

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How to File an Emergency Custody Motion

Filing an emergency custody motion, also known as an ex parte motion, is common in family law cases. An emergency custody motion can help California residents get immediate legal relief regarding custody issues in divorce, legal separation and paternity cases. California Family Law Code section 3064 outlines the requirement of an emergency custody motion. Specifically, [...]

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