File An Uncontested Divorce in California

Many couples filing divorce in California hope to qualify to file an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are less costly and usually don't require court appearances. However, this type of divorce is not right for everyone. Read on to find out if you qualify to file an uncontested divorce in California.

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Divorce by Default in California

A person can get a divorce even if one spouse refuses to cooperate and agree to the divorce. This is called divorce by default. Divorce by default serves an important and valuable purpose for California residents. It prevents one spouse from holding the marriage "captive" by stalling the divorce process. However, a divorce by default requires you do everything exactly by the book. Keep in mind, however, that just because a spouse does not respond to a divorce petition, it doesn't mean the petitioner gets everything they ask for. The court will make sure that the Judgment is fair for both parties, even if one party chooses to not participate.

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How to Finish Divorce in California

Obtaining a divorce in California is complicated and, as a result, can be a lengthy process. Some couples end up feeling as though they will never finish divorce in California and remain forever married. No matter what, there is always a minimum six-month waiting period before the divorce can be final, and the parties declared single. The final Judgment comes after the settlement, which covers property division, spousal support, and child custody and support. All in all, the divorce process can take a long time, particularly if you are trying to complete it on your own, without professional help.

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Divorce Bifurcation – Become “Single” Before Divorce is Finished

Are you waiting to complete your California divorce case? Is your divorce case taking longer than expected to get a divorce Judgment? At a minimum, divorce in California takes at least six months to complete. It is not uncommon, however, for a divorce case to take months or even years to complete. When a divorce is taking too long, a couple can file for divorce bifurcation in order to become "single" before their divorce is finished.

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How to Modify or Change a Divorce Judgment 

After a divorce judgment is entered, whether after trial or by settlement agreement, either spouse may ask the court to have the judgment modified by motion or appeal. People file for a judgment modifications due to 1) a change of circumstances or 2) court error during the trial. Read on to learn more about how to modify or change a divorce judgment.

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How to Contest Default Judgment in Divorce

Are you looking to contest default judgment in divorce? You may have found yourself in this situation because you did not file a response to your divorce proceedings. If a default judgment in divorce has been entered against you, don't despair. You do have options. Why Was Default Judgment in Divorce Entered?When [...]

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How to File a Final Judgment in Divorce

Often we are contacted by divorcing couples with regards in how to file a final judgment in divorce. First, to finish your divorce, you must have completed the required financial disclosures. Once that has been done, the forms required to complete and file the judgment forms with the court clerk will depend on the status of [...]

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How to Finish a Divorce in California

The are several legal documents you must file to finish your divorce in California. The legal documents you will have to complete in the California divorce process will depend on whether or not your spouse filed a response to the Petition. Unfortunately there are many forms and the process gets very complicated when dealing with [...]

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Dismiss a Divorce in California After Entry of Final Judgment

A client recently came into the office with a unique situation. They wanted to dismiss a divorce in California that has been filed March 3, 2012. All of the documents in the case were completed, including the processing of a Final Judgment of Dissolution on April 26, 2012. Can you dismiss a divorce in California After [...]

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