California Simplified Probate Procedures Allow Transfer of Real Property

Use California simplified probate procedures to transfer real property valued under $166,250, and bypass expensive probate. California simplified probate procedures can be used to transfer personal property as well as real property and can be completed within 1-2 months. Make sure you know your probate options!

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

Every parent worries about what will happen to his or her children after the parent dies, but single parents have double the worries. If you are married, the default option is that your children will stay with your spouse. They may remain living in the same house, and your spouse will most likely continue to work to take care of them financially. As horrible as it is to think about your spouse and children having to adjust to life without you, it is even scarier to think about your children’s future without you if you are a single parent.  Therefore, it is important for single parents to get started on estate planning — even single parents who are young and healthy.

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Title Insurance Problems With Transfer on Death Deed

Certain legal terms cause people to clutch their wallets in fear. With regard to income taxes, people fear the word “audit". In family law, they fear the word “alimony”. The scariest word in estate planning is “probate,” which refers to the process by which the court effectively dictates what happens to a deceased person’s property. Knowing the term "transfer on death deed" can make probate far less scary. Unfortunately, since the implementation of this new estate planning tool, people are discovering title insurance problems with transfer on death deeds.

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Inexpensive Estate Planning Options

When most people think of estate planning, they assume it will be costly. After all, we are talking about your life's possessions here! However, inexpensive estate planning options will enable you to meet your goals without breaking the bank. While estate planning does not have to be expensive, you should do it correctly. A People's Choice can help with document preparation and other types of estate planning logistics. We don't cost nearly as much as an attorney, and our clients often save thousands of dollars.

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California Probate Proceedings

A People's Choice can help you understand the complexities surrounding California probate proceedings and help you file probate in California without an attorney. You don't need to hire an attorney to handle most California probate proceedings, and can easily complete probate with a registered legal document assistant.

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Advantages of a Living Trust

There are many advantages of a living trust. Setting up a living trust can avoid the expense of filing probate after someone passes away. We can create a living trust and your other estate documents for a fraction of cost an attorney would charge so your estate can avoid probate, conservatorship or guardianship.

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