How to Form a Nonprofit in California With A People’s Choice

If you run a business that operates to benefit community members or another designated group of individuals, you may be eligible to form a nonprofit. Forming a nonprofit allows you to obtain tax exemption status and may come with additional benefits for your organization. Read on to learn more about how to form a nonprofit in California, and how A People's Choice can help.

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Requirements for a California Nonprofit

Decided to start a California nonprofit for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes? You must take specific steps to make sure you satisfy the requirements for a California nonprofit formation. Once you create a California nonprofit corporation, you can apply for tax-exempt status (501 (c) 3) with the IRS.

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Dissolving a Nonprofit – What You Need to Know

Dissolving a nonprofit in California involves several steps. From obtaining approval to dissolve the nonprofit, to filing all required legal documents with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, winding up a nonprofit can be a tedious task. Read on to learn more about what you need to know when dissolving a nonprofit in [...]

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Maintaining Tax Exempt Status for California Nonprofits

Obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in California involves a long process. You must fill out several applications with state and federal agencies, in addition to paying hefty application fees. Fortunately, once your nonprofit obtains its tax exempt status, it no longer has to pay income taxes. Your nonprofit will be required to keep and submit [...]

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