Do You Need a Probate Lawyer?

People often think they need a probate lawyer to file probate. After all, the probate process requires filing many court documents and completing a variety of tasks over a 9 to 12-month period. Fortunately, probate is mostly paperwork and knowing how to move the case through the court process. So, although you may not need a probate lawyer, it is crucial to complete the paperwork and file the documents correctly. Hiring an experienced probate legal document assistant is a great way to avoid paying statutory fees to attorneys and save the estate thousands of dollars.

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Creditor’s Claim vs. Administrative Expense in Probate

You have spent your own personal money in settling a decedent's estate. Do you file a creditor's claim or is the money you paid an administrative expense in probate? If you use your own monies to cover an administrative expense in probate, certain protocols exist to protect both you and the estate. You must be legally entitled to the compensation and correctly file to receive it. Failure in this could result in a much more complicated probate and even accusations that you are attempting to make an unreasonable "creditor claim."

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Fees and Costs to Probate in California

Potential probate clients who phone our office often ask "what are the costs to probate in California?" Not surprising, the answer will depend on who you choose to help you with the process. Most lawyers charge by the hour or collect a flat fee when representing clients. However, when filing a  California probate, statutory provisions [...]

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Probate Cost Savings Calculator

Using our non-attorney probate services instead of an expensive attorney can save the beneficiaries and the estate thousands of dollars! To find out what your exact savings will be based on the value of the estate, click this link to use our probate calculator... Get help with your California probate documents [...]

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California Probate Costs and Fees

Probate can be quite confusing and complex, especially when estimating probate costs and fees including attorney/executor fees and payment schedules. At A People’s Choice, we try to explain the probate process as simply as possible to get you on the right track quickly. If you have questions about California probate costs and fees, the following [...]

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