California Simplified Probate Procedures Allow Transfer of Real Property

Use California simplified probate procedures to transfer real property valued under $166,250, and bypass expensive probate. California simplified probate procedures can be used to transfer personal property as well as real property and can be completed within 1-2 months. Make sure you know your probate options!

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When is Probate Required in California?

Probate is the court proceeding that transfers property from a deceased person to their heirs.  But when is probate required? Some estates do not require probate in order to be settled and distributed to the heirs. Instead, these estates may go through a small estate process instead. These small estate procedures are much faster and cheaper than probate. Unfortunately, not all estates have this option.

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When is Probate Necessary in California?

A formal probate proceeding and can be expensive and time-consuming. In this regard, California law provides for alternatives to formal probate that are easier and less expensive. It is often possible to avoid probate. So, when is probate necessary in California and are there way to avoid having to file probate? This article explains what you need to know.

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What is Ancillary Probate in California?

Ancillary probate in California is required if a person lives out-of-state but owns real property in California. Ancillary probate can be filed in California in the county where the decedent's real property is. The local California court can then appoint a Personal Representative to administer the assets in the state.

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Notice Requirements in Probate

In California, when probating a will, all interested parties must be notified. The notice requirements in probate vary from case to case but basically include all interested parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, and the estate’s creditors. In addition, special notice may be required to various governmental agencies such as the Department of Healthcare Services and [...]

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How to Get a Copy of a Will

If you are involved in a loved one’s estate, you may be wondering how you can get a copy of their will. If your loved one is still living, it may be difficult to get a copy of their will unless they willingly provide it to you. This is because the will is considered personal [...]

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How to File a California Spousal Property Petition

A California spousal property petition can transfer community and separate property to a spouse after death. If assets are not in the name of both parties, the court may need to confirm a spouse's right to the decedent's interest. A California spousal property petition will establish this spousal interest.

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