The California Probate Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Probate is a complex process; however, it is also very procedural. Therefore, by following our step-by-step California probate guide, you can complete the process WITHOUT hiring an attorney! Plus, by hiring the services of a registered legal document assistant such as A People's Choice, you can ensure your legal documents are completed in an accurate and timely matter. Don't settle an estate on your own - contact us today!

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Understanding California Probate Examiner Notes

Understanding the role a probate examiner plays in the probate process, as well as what their notes mean, can help save you time and money during probate. In fact, maintaining an active role in the note process can buy you time to obtain any supplemental materials the court requires to settle the estate as quickly as possible.

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Compare Online Probate Services

Recently, there has been an increase in online DIY services for California probate and estate planning. These services vary greatly in what services are offered. With this in mind, they all have the same theme - offering people a cheaper way to file probate for a fee that avoids paying statutory fees and is considerably cheaper than hiring a probate attorney.  Services provided by online probate services vary from platform to platform.  Here is an overview of things to look for when you compare online probate services.

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Common Errors in California Probate

It is common for people to make errors when attempting to probate their loved one’s estate. A People’s Choice recommends having a professional legal document preparer draft all probate documents to make sure the paperwork is accurate and properly completed. Below is an overview of the common errors in California probate that can easily be [...]

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How to Close a Probate Estate in California

There are many steps in the California probate process, the last of which is closing the probate case. In order to close a probate estate in California, the appointed personal representative must file a petition with the probate court which reports everything he/she has done in regards to the estate. The personal representative must file [...]

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