Small Business Bankruptcy: Know Your Options

Whether you own a small or large business, you will most likely have to choose between Chapters 7, 13, and 11 when filing bankruptcy. Read on to learn how to differentiate these three types of bankruptcy, and determine which is right for you. However, please note that A People's Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services, and you may require assistance from a lawyer.

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File for Bankruptcy in California for Cheap With a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap California bankruptcy attorney. In fact, attorney fees for even the simplest bankruptcy typically start at $750! Luckily, filing bankruptcy is a very easy process that almost never requires legal advice. Therefore, by hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer to help with your paperwork, you can save hundreds of dollars! However, note that A People's Choice no longer offers bankruptcy services.

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You CAN File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney!

Filing a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy with an attorney can cost between $1500 and $2500! So what are you supposed to do if you need to file bankruptcy and cannot afford to hire representation? Luckily, you do NOT need an attorney to complete this process. Plus, understanding how and why people file bankruptcy will help you have a clearer image of how to complete the paperwork on your own.

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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Credit Score?

Anyone considering filing bankruptcy has probably wondered how filing will affect their credit score. While filing bankruptcy in California may impact your credit score, you might be surprised to learn that it may not necessarily have a negative impact! If you are filing or considering filing bankruptcy, read on to learn more about how it will affect your credit score and what you can do to keep it as high as possible.

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