Mediation and Child Custody: Process Description and Preparation Tips

Sometimes, mediation for child custody agreements is mandated by the court. During mediation, parties will typically have the opportunity to present their concerns to the mediator and to the other parent. Then, the mediator will provide both parents with the necessary tools to reach an agreement on contested issues. However, there are tips that parents can use to reach this agreement more quickly. Read on to learn more about mediation for child support in California, and how you can prepare for it.

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Child Custody Mediation in California

Couples with children going through a divorce or legal separation often do not agree on child custody and visitation matters. In this regard, the couple should strongly consider attending child custody mediation. We first must assume that both parents are responsible and abuse is not involved. With this in mind, child custody mediation allows parents to reach an agreement regarding child custody without the court imposing their own solution.

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How to Arrange Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a good way for couples to reach their own agreement about divorce issues outside of court. Most family law courts encourage a couple to try mediation before the divorce case goes to trial. If you are represented by an attorney in your divorce, the attorney might suggest and arrange divorce mediation. [...]

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What is Mediation in Family Law and Civil Matters?

People often ask us about what is mediation and how the mediation process can benefit their legal situation. In a nutshell, mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party, referred to as the mediator, helps disputing parties voluntarily reach an agreement about issues. Mediation is often used by couples who are divorcing. For example, [...]

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