California Family Support Order in Divorce

If you're considering requesting court orders for child or spousal support during your California divorce, you may instead benefit from family support orders! These special orders combine child and spousal support into one payment. Plus, they come with tax benefits for the paying and receiving spouse. Read on to learn more to determine whether family support orders are right for you.

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Calculating Child Support Under California Guidelines

Did you know that life circumstances such as income and even overtime have a direct effect on California guideline child support orders? In fact, the court uses this and other important information to determine which parent will have to pay, and how much. Read on to learn what else they consider when making support orders, and how your life situation will affect the outcome.

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California Mandatory Child Support Add-Ons

Have you ever heard the expression "California Mandatory Child Support Add-ons". If so, you may not understand what this means. Under California child support laws, both parents are required, to financially support their children until they reach 18 years of age. Most people understand what the words "child support" mean. California child support laws allow the court to consider different factors in deciding how much money each parent is required to contribute to care for their child. Here is what you need to know about California Mandatory Child Support Add-ons.

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The Connection Between Visitation and Child Support

What is the connection between visitation and child support? In a nutshell, the more time a parent spends with his/her child, the less financial contribution they will need to provide to the other parent. On the other hand, the more time a parent spends away from his/her child, the more financial support he/she will need to provide to the other parent.

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How is Child Support Calculated in California?

Many couples going through divorce ask us "how is child support calculated in California?" In order to understand how child support is calculated in California, you must keep in focus that California requires both parents to be mutually responsible for the financial support of their child. A parent is obligated to provide financial support to [...]

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The Connection Between Child Support and Visitation

When parents divorce or separate in California, they have to develop a child custody, child support and visitation plan. Generally speaking, child custody refers to the care, control and maintenance of a child. The court can award custody to one or both parents. On the other hand, visitation rights refer to the specific amount of [...]

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Child Support For Special Needs Children

Child support for special needs children - not a topic that most families are faced having to discuss, however approximately 20% of couples have at least one special needs child. California courts require parents to financially support their special needs child (regardless of their age). An order of child support for special needs children may [...]

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