Reading the Tabloids? Here’s What We Can Learn From Celebrities’ Amicable Divorces

Sure, some celebrity divorces are incredibly messy - but believe it or not, some celebrities may have a thing or two to teach us about amicable divorce! Read on for some celebrity inspiration on co-parenting after divorce. Then, learn how an amicable divorce could save you time, stress, and money, and how A People's Choice can help.

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Divorce and Co-Parenting: The Benefits of Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

Divorces are never easy for the separating parties, but they can be especially difficult for any children involved. Sometimes, these children feel caught in the middle of a toxic relationship between their two divorced parents. Therefore, it's important to consider your child's overall wellbeing when determining your parenting plans. More specifically, establishing a co-parenting plan with your ex and relying on respectful communication can help your child feel loved and secure.

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Co-Parenting Children After Divorce When You Don’t Agree

Co-parenting children after a divorce requires a lot of patience and hard work. From juggling busy schedules, to working together to raise children in two households, parents often feel overwhelmed with the tasks of co-parenting. There are many benefits to having a co-parenting plan, and studies show that co-parenting works best when both parents cooperate and manage their emotions. It also helps to have a defined schedule and co-parenting agreement.

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