Paralegal vs Legal Document Assistant – Which One Do I Need?

What is a legal document assistant and how does it compare to a paralegal? Believe it or not, hiring a legal document assistant can help you save thousands of dollars you would otherwise waste on an attorney! To help you determine which process is better for you, we've outlined from A to Z everything a legal document assistant can do.

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How to Stop a Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment happens when the court orders your employer to take out a portion of your paycheck and send the money to a creditor instead. Since the law restricts how much money the court can garnish per pay period, it might take years before your debt is repaid and you can start getting full paychecks again. Getting your wages garnished might feel like a defeat, but you may be able to fight a wage garnishment, even if you cannot afford a lawyer to take up the fight for you. Learn how to stop a wage garnishment and how a registered legal document assistant can prepare the forms you need.

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Legal Tools To Collect a Judgment in California

Most plaintiffs are unaware of the difficulties that may arise when they attempt to collect a judgment in California. To start, just because a judge grants an order for judgment does not mean that the plaintiff will definitely be compensated. The plaintiff must take specific steps to collect the judgment awarded. Below are tips on [...]

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