How California COVID-19 is Changing California Court Services

COVID-19 has undoubtedly interrupted life in America. This disruption has seeped into everyday processes that many of us have taken for granted - including our court and judicial systems. This article will keep you up-to-date about how California COVID-19 is changing California Court services, including daily changes to Californa court procedures, holidays, and court closures.

What to Expect When You Go to Court

Courthouses are big and have lots of rules. It can be hard to know what to expect when you go to court unless you have been there lots of times. Most certainly if your documents are in order and you present yourself in a prepared and respectable manner, you can expect the best outcome possible. If you plan to represent yourself in court in California, we encourage you to contact A People’s Choice to prepare the documents you need for your case

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What is a Change of Venue in California?

A judge cannot hear a case without it satisfying two basic requirements: 1) the court has jurisdiction over the defendant and 2) it is proper venue. Proper venue means that the right court is hearing the case. With this in mind, there may be particular reasons that the statutorily "right" court is the wrong court to decide a case. For example, a party may request a change of venue if they fear they will not receive a fair hearing.

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