Changing Property Division in a California Divorce Agreement – Requirements and Statute on Limitations

Sometimes people sign divorce agreements on a whim simply to end their marriage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once these agreements become official judgments by the court, they cannot be changed. However, under certain rare circumstances, the court may agree to a modification in a property division provision from a divorce agreement.

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Default Hearing in Divorce Case

Not every divorce involves a trial, and in many cases, the divorcing spouses do not even need to hire lawyers. In an uncontested divorce, there is no trial. The couple can agree to all of the issues and sign a Marital Settlement Agreement that lays out what they agree on and who will get what in the divorce. The judge simply approves the agreement and declares the couple legally divorced. Sometimes, the judge will issue a default judgment without a hearing. In other cases, though, the court may set a default hearing in divorce. If the court does set a hearing, don't be concerned. Often these hearings are simply a formality to make sure the default judgment is fair.

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Divorce by Default in California

A person can get a divorce even if one spouse refuses to cooperate and agree to the divorce. This is called divorce by default. Divorce by default serves an important and valuable purpose for California residents. It prevents one spouse from holding the marriage "captive" by stalling the divorce process. However, a divorce by default requires you do everything exactly by the book. Keep in mind, however, that just because a spouse does not respond to a divorce petition, it doesn't mean the petitioner gets everything they ask for. The court will make sure that the Judgment is fair for both parties, even if one party chooses to not participate.

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How to Contest Default Judgment in Divorce

Are you looking to contest default judgment in divorce? You may have found yourself in this situation because you did not file a response to your divorce proceedings. If a default judgment in divorce has been entered against you, don't despair. You do have options. Why Was Default Judgment in Divorce Entered?When [...]

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Create a California Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital settlement agreements are prepared when two people agree to settle their divorce case. When you create a California marital settlement agreement, it should contain all of the terms of the divorce settlement. Every issue in a divorce that has been settled should be addressed in this agreement. These issues typically include child support, child [...]

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How to File a Final Judgment in Divorce

Often we are contacted by divorcing couples with regards in how to file a final judgment in divorce. First, to finish your divorce, you must have completed the required financial disclosures. Once that has been done, the forms required to complete and file the judgment forms with the court clerk will depend on the status of [...]

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