Dividing Military Pensions in Divorce

A military pension is a form of deferred compensation. Military service members receive a lifelong pension after completing 20 years of service. Service members' military pensions are valuable assets in a divorce. A military pension is divisible in a divorce so long as the court has jurisdiction over the proceeding. Read on to learn more [...]

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Joinder of Retirement Plan in Divorce

Most retirement plans or pensions can be divided in a California divorce. In particular, California courts split retirement plans and pensions between divorcing spouses similar to how other property is divided (50/50). In this case, retirement plans require an additional process, commonly referred to as the joinder of retirement plan, in order for a retirement [...]

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CALPERS Pension Retirement Division in Divorce

The California Public Employees Retirement System (CALPERS) provides lifetime monetary benefits to employees and their spouses. If you have filed for divorce, you may be wondering how you or your spouse’s CALPERS pension may be affected. Depending on your marital settlement agreement, you may receive up to half of your spouse's CALPERS retirement. Below is [...]

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How to Divide a 401K in Divorce

Retirement accounts are usually one of the more highly valued assets in a divorce. There are also many different types of retirement accounts. Most employers offer either a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan as a retirement benefit for their employees. With a defined benefit plan, the employee does not contribute part of [...]

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