Key Points to Include in Your Separation Agreement

If you're involved in an uncontested divorce in California, you may be able to finalize your divorce without hiring an expensive attorney OR appearing in court! Plus, you have the power to begin drafting a separation agreement right NOW! After determining your plans for the key issues listed in this article, contact A People's Choice for help completing and filing your agreement to reach a final judgment quickly and easily.

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What You Are Entitled To in a California Divorce

If you are in the process of divorcing your spouse in California, you should know what property you are entitled to keep in your possession. California is a community property state, so anything purchased or earned during the course of a marriage should be split 50/50. Read on to learn more about what constitutes community property and how it is divided.

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What Can You Do When Your Divorce is Taking Too Long?

While all divorces take at least six months to finalize, divorce does NOT have to be a lengthy process. Believe it or not, some divorces can be delayed due to a lack of urgency by your attorney! On the other hand, disputed matters such as child support and alimony can also slow down the process. However, when you work with a legal document assistant, we have no reason to delay, as all of our services are a flat fee! Reach out today to learn how we can help you speed up your divorce finalization.

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How to File Divorce When Both Parties Agree

Probably the simplest type of divorce occurs when both parties want to end the marriage and are cooperating. You can file divorce when both parties agree by completing an "uncontested divorce" process. Because uncontested divorce is faster, easier, and less expensive, most couples prefer this process. However, the couple still must file the right papers to protect themselves and get the divorce finalized.

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Creative Ways to Divide Property in Divorce

When a couple files for divorce, one thing that is inevitable is dividing their property. In California, the rule is that all community property assets (any income and assets acquired during the marriage) must be split 50/50. A couple could sell all of the marital assets and split the proceeds if they would like, but there are more creative ways to divide property in divorce. Sometimes a couple just needs to think outside the box.

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Create a California Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital settlement agreements are prepared when two people agree to settle their divorce case. When you create a California marital settlement agreement, it should contain all of the terms of the divorce settlement. Every issue in a divorce that has been settled should be addressed in this agreement. These issues typically include child support, child [...]

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How to File a Final Judgment in Divorce

Often we are contacted by divorcing couples with regards in how to file a final judgment in divorce. First, to finish your divorce, you must have completed the required financial disclosures. Once that has been done, the forms required to complete and file the judgment forms with the court clerk will depend on the status of [...]

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How to Avoid Retirement Division in Divorce

Couples who have been married for more than ten years often face challenges when dividing retirement accounts during a divorce. Fortunately, there are creative ways to avoid having to divide retirement plans in divorce. Read on to learn more about how to avoid retirement division in divorce and how A People's Choice can help. [...]

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Divorce and Social Security Spousal Benefits

When a couple is terminating their marriage, they often have questions about the correlation of divorce and social security spousal benefits a party may be entitled to. If your marriage was for more than ten years, you can claim Social Security spousal benefits on the entire earning history of your ex-spouse. This is commonly called [...]

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