Best Divorce Service in California

Every divorce is unique. The best legal services for your divorce are not the same as the best legal services for someone else’s. The best divorce service in California is one that is inexpensive and knows the tricks to complete a California divorce without a lot of hassle and cost. Here are some tips that will help you find the best divorce service in California without breaking the bank.

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Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Although you may think you need a divorce lawyer, often it isn't necessary. If you decide that you don't, then consider hiring a legal document assistant to prepare your divorce documents. For many people, this is is the safest and most cost-effective option and you can save money on routine divorce documents that don't require attorney expertise.

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How Divorce Affects Children – the Good and Bad

Most children are resilient and can handle divorce better than we expect. On the other hand, there are some children who suffer academically and socially as a result of a divorce. Read on to learn more about how divorce affects children and how A People’s Choice can help you. How Divorce Affects Children Emotionally Children [...]

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How to Finish a Divorce in California

The are several legal documents you must file to finish your divorce in California. The legal documents you will have to complete in the California divorce process will depend on whether or not your spouse filed a response to the Petition. Unfortunately there are many forms and the process gets very complicated when dealing with [...]

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California Divorce Checklist

Filing for divorce on your own can be a very stressful process. Divorce is life-changing and often requires both parties to make major adjustments to their financial and living situations. When under stress and forced to navigate a complex court system, people can become depressed and act irrational. Sometimes divorce planning and a simple checklist [...]

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When Your Divorce is Taking Too Long

Is your divorce taking too long? Has the divorce process stalled with no sight of resolution? We often receive telephone calls from prospective clients who ask us, “Why is my divorce taking too long?” Often these people are represented by an attorney. They have become frustrated with the legal system and want to know what [...]

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Ways of Terminating a Marriage or Domestic Partnership in California

The decision to end a marriage or domestic partnership can be extremely distressing. Our offices have over 35 years of experience in guiding our clients through the various ways of terminating a marriage in California and the process of helping to prepare the legal documents for a divorce, legal separation, or annulment. In moving forward, [...]

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How to File Divorce in California in 7 Easy Steps

If you are researching how to file divorce in California, we have broken down the process into 7 basic steps that must be completed in most uncontested California divorce proceedings. This article reviews the basic steps for an uncontested divorce in California - from preparing the initial petition to getting a Judgment to terminate the marriage. A People's Choice offers low-cost help to file divorce in California, from filing the Petition to the Final Judgment of Dissolution. Our 40 years experience, streamlined processes and information materials we provide covering how to file divorce in California make the divorce process both educational and stress free for our clients. Why pay an attorney thousands of dollars when A People's Choice can prepare and process the necessary paperwork for you at a lower cost!

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Dismiss a Divorce in California After Entry of Final Judgment

A client recently came into the office with a unique situation. They wanted to dismiss a divorce in California that has been filed March 3, 2012. All of the documents in the case were completed, including the processing of a Final Judgment of Dissolution on April 26, 2012. Can you dismiss a divorce in California After [...]

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Ventura County Divorce Self Help Service Provides Low Cost Divorce Assistance

If you want to save money completing your divorce, you are probably looking for divorce self-help center to help you. A quick “Google” search will usually direct you to your county's Court’s Self-Help Center or companies that offer self-help divorce and legal document preparation services for a fee. Self-help centers aren't the best option for everyone, often requiring substantial tenacity and patience and multiple trips to the courthouse, plus you have to prepare all the documents yourself, a daunting task for many people. Here is one woman's story how she easily completed her divorce.

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