Understanding Federal Estate and Gift Tax Rates in California

The federal gift tax is a tax by the government that applies to either assets left by a decedent at their death or assets given by an individual during their lifetime. In essence, whether you give your assets away while you are still living, or give them away when you die, they are subject to a tax. Gift tax applies to lifetime gifts; estate tax applies to assets left at death. Read on to learn about the federal estate and gift tax and how it may affect your estate.

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What’s a Conservatorship of the Estate in California?

It happens every day: while driving on a highway, someone gets into a ghastly accident and sustains an injury. The accident impairs their cognitive and physical ability, and they can no longer oversee their estates and finances. What happens if, God forbid, this person is your spouse or relative? You may decide you need [...]

SLAT Estate Planning: A Great Option for Large Estates

There are many estate planning strategies out there, but which one is best? To be honest, it really depends on your situation. While most real estate strategies are designed to grow and successfully transfer assets, some are meant to look even further ahead to future generations. One of the latter, spousal lifetime access trust (SLAT) [...]