Practical and Simple Estate Planning Tips

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not a complicated process. At A People’s Choice, we have successfully helped many California residents set up a trust, will, durable power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive, and other estate planning documentation. Proper estate planning can be helpful before and after one's death. For example, good estate planning [...]

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

As registered legal document assistants, we can prepare a variety of estate planning forms. Our office has helped thousands of California residents successfully create and execute proper estate planning documents to fit their needs. If you need help creating a trust, your will and last testament, or other estate planning documents, contact us for help. [...]

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How Our Estate Planning Services Work

We get hundreds of calls from people who are inquiring about their estate planning needs. From creating and recording a simple Pay-on-Death Deed, creating a will, or setting up a living trust, every person has different estate planning needs based on their particular circumstances. This article will give you information about the estate planning document [...]

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How to Set Up a Special Needs Trust

Parents with special needs children often worry about how to secure their child’s future upon their passing. Setting up a special needs trust as part of your estate planning will allow you to leave money or property to a loved one with a disability. A special needs trust, sometimes called a supplemental needs trust, is specially [...]

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Living Will vs Living Trust – What is the Difference?

Living Will vs Living Trust - you may have heard both terms and wondered what each means, and how – or if – they are related. Both are legal terms and estate planning forms relating to estate-planning; that is, when a person – wisely – makes decisions about end-of-life matters well ahead of imminent death. They have [...]

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Prepare a Will under California Law

One of the most basic forms of estate planning is to prepare a will. A will can be extensive and cover every detail of dividing your property, naming guardians for minor children, and executors for your will. Alternatively, it can be just a simple document dealing primarily with property distribution. Additionally, if you have a [...]

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Understanding Federal Estate and Gift Tax Rates

The federal gift tax is a tax by the government that applies to either assets left by a decedent at their death or assets given by an individual during their lifetime. In essence, whether you give your assets away while you are still living, or give them away when you die, they are subject to a tax. Gift tax applies to lifetime gifts; estate tax applies to assets left at death. Read on to learn about the federal estate and gift tax and how it may affect your estate.

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