Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

People often are looking for inexpensive options to handle legal procedures and ask us "do I need to hire an attorney?" Hiring an attorney is a personal decision, however in many circumstances, the answer is  no.  Yes, there are complex legal issues that need the advice and experience of a seasoned licensed attorney. Likewise, there [...]

Important Tips For People Considering Bankruptcy

If you find yourself considering bankruptcy, you are probably feeling financially boxed in and at the end of your rope. Filing bankruptcy can certainly be scary, so to help you feel more in control of things, be sure to educate yourself about the entire bankruptcy process before making your decision. You may want to explore [...]

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Reasons to File Bankruptcy

"Should you file for bankruptcy?" Since we are not attorneys, we cannot give any type of legal advice. Also, as of January, 2017, our office no longer prepares bankruptcy documents. One thing I know, however,  is that the reasons to file bankruptcy  and the final decision to do so  is personal to that individual. Should I File Bankruptcy? There [...]

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You Can File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney!

Filing bankruptcy using an attorney can cost between $1500 and $2500 for a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy. People often comment “if I had $1500-$2500, I would not be filing bankruptcy!” So what can you do if you need to file bankruptcy and cannot afford to hire an attorney? Do you even need an attorney to file bankruptcy, or is having an attorney an unnecessary “luxury?” Understanding the bankruptcy process will help you have a clearer understanding of why people can file bankruptcy without an attorney.

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Cheap California Bankruptcy Made Easy Using Service of Ventura Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

There is no such thing as a cheap California bankruptcy attorney. Attorney fees for the most simple bankruptcy start at $750 and go up from there. Add the filing fee cost to these fees and the total cost to file bankruptcy through an attorney will exceed $1,000 which is a substantial sum of money for most people who are already struggling financially. California is divided into 4 districts, Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern. The allowed fee for bankruptcy petition preparers in the Northern District is $150.00, the Eastern District $125.00, the Central District $200.00 and the Southern District $150.00. It is illegal for a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer to advertise and/or charge for the preparation of cheap California bankruptcy to exceed these allowable maximum fees. Unfortunately, A People's Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services.

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