How to Modify Child Custody in California

Sometimes circumstances such as life changes or a parent's actions call for a change to child custody and visitation orders. However, parents must follow a specific process to request the court makes these changes. Therefore, using a legal document assistant can help ensure the correct documentation is prepared and filed correctly.

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How to Change a Custody Order

From time-to-time, you may need to change a custody order due to parents moving to different counties or states or job changes that impact visitation time. To change a custody order, the moving parent to prove a number of factors showing the modification is in the child’s best interest. Often this does not require the services of an attorney if both parents are amenable to the adjustment.

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How Does a Court Decide Custody?

Child custody cases can take months to resolve. Parents may go back-and-forth to create the perfect co-parenting plan that suits their child’s needs. So how does a court decide custody if the parents cannot agree? If parents are unable to reach a child custody agreement, the court will grant a child custody order that they feel [...]

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