How to Terminate Parental Rights in California With Stepparent Adoption

Unless a birth parent agrees to a stepparent adoption, that individual's parental rights will need to be terminated in order for the adoption to continue. If a stepparent files a petition to terminate parental rights, they will need to provide the court with evidence that the parent abandoned the child or is absent from the child's life. However, if the biological father in unknown, the court may not require a hearing.

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What is the Adoption Process in California?

Adoption legally establishes a parent-child relationship between two people who are at least 10 years apart in age. Adoptive parents have a legal responsibility to support their adopted children financially and provide care for them until they reach adulthood. Adopted children have the right to inherit from their adoptive parents even if the parents do not leave a will. For this reason, California law makes it possible to adopt a child or an adult. With this in mind, you are probably searching for more information about the adoption process in California. Here's what you need to know.

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How Does a Stepparent Adopt a Stepchild?

There are many scenarios in which a stepparent might adopt a stepchild or stepchildren. It can be a straightforward process, but only if the non-custodial parent consents to the adoption. If the biological father does not consent, you still may be able to terminate their parental rights if you meet certain criteria. Although this [...]

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California Stepparent Adoption – The Process & Forms

Blended families are becoming more common throughout California. When two families come together or a new parent joins a family, the new parent may decide to adopt the children of the other parent to form a more cohesive family unit. Stepparent adoption is the legal process of a stepparent adopting their spouse's minor child. Becoming [...]

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