Probating A Lost Will in California

Probating an estate is complicated to begin with - but what happens when the original will has been lost or destroyed? Probating a lost will requires proving that the testator did not intend to revoke the will. Luckily, A People's Choice can help you complete and file the proper documentation for probating a lost or destroyed will. Read on to learn more.

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California Estate Laws

California estate laws deal with probate, conservatorship, and guardianship. Probate refers to a court overseeing distribution of a decedent's estate. Conservatorship gives a person authority to manage affairs of an adult who cannot manage for themselves and Guardianship gives a person control over a minor.

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Common Terms in Wills and Trusts

If you are looking to create a will or trust in California, A People’s Choice can help you. A People's Choice offers estate planning documents at a fraction of the cost an attorney would charge. To help you understand some of the terminology used in estate planning documents, below is an overview of common terms [...]

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California Intestate Succession

Under California intestate succession laws, if you die without a will, your assets will go to your closest surviving relatives. Assets held in trust will be distributed to the designated beneficiaries upon death. Any asset held outside of a trust will go to the decedent's closest surviving relatives per California intestate succession laws. If your [...]

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