Compare Using a Legal Document Preparer vs Hiring a Lawyer

Using a legal document preparer vs hiring a lawyer is a great money saving option for routine legal matters. If you are planning to represent yourself in a legal matter, a registered document assistant can help you with your case. Registered legal document preparers charge significantly less than attorneys. Consequently, hiring a document preparer can save you time and give you peace of mind that the forms are complete and correct.

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Legal Blog – Helping People Represent Themselves in Legal Matters

Welcome to our online legal blog! We designed this blog and our entire website for people who want to save money, are not afraid of the legal system and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. You will find our blog an excellent resource for legal information and news. We post several new articles each week covering different legal topics of interest. Subscribe to our blog to keep up on various legal issues or expand your legal knowledge, and receive notification of new articles.

LDAs Open the Door to Affordable Legal Services

Legal document assistants (also known as LDAs) open the door to affordable legal services by providing low-cost self-help document preparation service to California residents. For over 37 years, A People's Choice has helped individuals represent themselves in probate, divorce, civil and real property matters and more.

Tips on Price Shopping For Legal Services

Price shopping for legal services is often frowned upon by attorneys. Most attorneys refuse to provide quotes for legal services when they believe a prospective client is price shopping. Most people don’t realize, however, that with the help of a legal document preparer they can get favorable legal results without spending thousands of dollars. Read [...]

Legal Service Industry Benefits From Technology

Advances in technology have prompted legal service providers in California and elsewhere to evolve the delivery of legal services to meet their client’s needs. This includes creating solutions to communicate with clients through secure online portals and social media networks. From holding virtual meetings to utilizing software for legal document preparation, technology is dramatically impacting [...]

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Ventura Attorney Uses Legal Document Assistant for Routine Legal Documents

Attorneys have also recently discovered the value of legal document assistants for simple matters. Some attorneys have established a referral relationship with their local legal document assistant as an option for people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Consumers, and even an attorney, can save thousands of dollars by using a legal document assistant for simple matters. Here is his story…

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Ventura Legal Document Service – A Professional Alternative for Legal Document Preparation

We often hear stories about clients finding themselves tangled in a lengthy court battle, both parties suffering from mounting attorney fees and legal costs. At some point, frustration and reality bring the parties to the table with a new perspective and willingness to resolve the issues. This client found herself in that situation and began investigating alternatives to complete their legal proceedings. Here is her story…

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Cheap Legal Documents by Ventura Legal Document Service

The cost of legal document services and hiring an attorney in California has risen to such an extent that attorney representation for most people is unaffordable and not an option. Most states, including California, recognize the rising need to offer alternative solutions for people who find themselves dealing with the court system and have made great strides to expand self-help legal services throughout the state. If you are looking for a low-cost, professional way to get legal document services in California, the easiest and most hassle-free help is using a registered legal document assistant.

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