Paralegal vs Legal Document Assistant – Which One Do I Need?

What is a legal document assistant and how does it compare to a paralegal? Believe it or not, hiring a legal document assistant can help you save thousands of dollars you would otherwise waste on an attorney! To help you determine which process is better for you, we've outlined from A to Z everything a legal document assistant can do.

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Divorce Bifurcation – Become “Single” Before Divorce is Finished

Are you waiting to complete your California divorce case? Is your divorce case taking longer than expected to get a divorce Judgment? At a minimum, divorce in California takes at least six months to complete. It is not uncommon, however, for a divorce case to take months or even years to complete. When a divorce is taking too long, a couple can file for divorce bifurcation in order to become "single" before their divorce is finished.

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Ex Parte Motions in Divorce and When to File Them

When divorcing spouses get upset, it can be tempting to file an ex parte motion. An ex parte motion literally means a motion where only one party of the case is present. Because the motions are decided quickly, without giving the other party time to prepare an opposition or explain their side, ex parte motions in divorce are only to be used in an emergency situation.

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