An Inexpensive, Simple Alternative to Ventura’s County Self Help Center

Have you ever arrived at the Ventura County Self Help Center only to discover 100 people in line ahead of you? To make matters worse, most people who use the Self Help Center have already taken the day off from work! Luckily, there is an inexpensive alternative to using this government service. A People's Choice offers low-cost, flat-fee legal document preparation services to simplify your legal proceeding and AVOID the hassle of the Self Help Center.

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How to Do Your Own Divorce in California

Whether you're involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, check out these tips for completing the process on your own. From mediation to legal document assistants, there are a plethora of resources out there to help with your DIY divorce. For more information on how we can help, contact A People's Choice today!

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How to Divorce in California Without a Lawyer

Undergoing a divorce does NOT have to cost you thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. Instead, learn how to divorce in California without hiring a lawyer! Working with a legal document assistant such as A People's Choice is just as effective for uncontested divorces. Plus, it'll save you thousands of dollars! Read on to learn more about the attorney-free divorce process with A People's Choice.

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How to Finish Divorce in California

Obtaining a divorce in California is complicated and, as a result, can be a lengthy process. Some couples end up feeling as though they will never finish divorce in California and remain forever married. No matter what, there is always a minimum six-month waiting period before the divorce can be final, and the parties declared single. The final Judgment comes after the settlement, which covers property division, spousal support, and child custody and support. All in all, the divorce process can take a long time, particularly if you are trying to complete it on your own, without professional help.

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How to File Divorce When Both Parties Agree

Probably the simplest type of divorce occurs when both parties want to end the marriage and are cooperating. You can file divorce when both parties agree by completing an "uncontested divorce" process. Because uncontested divorce is faster, easier, and less expensive, most couples prefer this process. However, the couple still must file the right papers to protect themselves and get the divorce finalized.

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How to File a Final Judgment in Divorce

Often we are contacted by divorcing couples with regards in how to file a final judgment in divorce. First, to finish your divorce, you must have completed the required financial disclosures. Once that has been done, the forms required to complete and file the judgment forms with the court clerk will depend on the status of [...]

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