Power of Attorney – What it Can and Cannot Do

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person to manage your affairs in the event you become incapacitated. There are different types of power of attorneys. Each type permits the person you appointed, known as the "attorney-in-fact," to exercise different degrees of control over your affairs. They may be able to control your finances, make decisions about your health, or both. Most people do not realize there are different variations of this designation.

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Difference Between Power of Attorney and Conservatorship

Have you found yourself needing to care for a loved one who no longer can handle their own personal needs or finances? At A People’s Choice, we have helped California residents prepare power of attorneys or file a court conservatorship so they can handle the financial and medical desires of a loved one. But here's the problem. How do you know what process will give you the authority you need to handle your loved one's affairs? The following information is aimed at helping you understand the difference between power of attorney and conservatorship,

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A California Durable Power of Attorney Can Help to Plan Your Future

A power of attorney is a legal document allowing another person to represent you in various matters. A power of attorney ends if you become mentally disabled and unable to act for yourself. A durable power of attorney lasts even when you are disabled and unable to act for yourself, otherwise known as incapacitation. A [...]

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Paralegal vs Legal Document Assistant -Which One Do I Need?

You have been told by a friend to hire a paralegal to help you with your simple legal documents. Another friend says you need to hire a legal document assistant. You are now confused. What is the difference between a paralegal vs legal document assistant? A legal document assistant (LDA) is an experienced professional authorized [...]

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