What To Do When a Renter Becomes a Tenant Nuisance: Your Rights in California

Whether a tenant is being too noisy or conducting illegal activity on the premises of a rented unit, landlords have legal rights to stop tenant nuisances. For instance, a landlord may provide a three day written notice requesting the tenant stop their disruptive behavior. Ultimately, a tenant nuisance who does not change their behavior may provide legal grounds for eviction.

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How to Evict a Tenant in California

Learn how to evict a tenant in California and avoid unnecessary delays in the court process. While A People's Choice no longer offers legal document assistance for eviction or unlawful detainer court proceedings, we've provided a detailed guide for landlords looking to evict a tenant. From serving the preliminary notice to filing a civil lawsuit, going to trial, and scheduling a move out by the sheriff, we've covered it all here.

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