How to Find a Probate Attorney

Being the personal representative of an estate is a big responsibility. When a parent or family member has passed away, you may think you need to find a probate attorney to settle the estate.  Lawyers’ services can be expensive, though. After talking with a probate lawyer, however, you might decide that a better choice is to hire a registered legal document assistant to prepare your probate forms. Here's what you need to know.

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When is Probate Necessary in California?

A formal probate proceeding and can be expensive and time-consuming. In this regard, California law provides for alternatives to formal probate that are easier and less expensive. It is often possible to avoid probate. So, when is probate necessary in California and are there way to avoid having to file probate? This article explains what you need to know.

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California Probate Proceedings

A People's Choice can help you understand the complexities surrounding California probate proceedings and help you file probate in California without an attorney. You don't need to hire an attorney to handle most California probate proceedings, and can easily complete probate with a registered legal document assistant.

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Common Probate Words and Terms

Understanding probate words and terms is not easy for non-legal professionals. Most forms are written in legalese in which some lawyers don’t even understand. This article will help you understand common probate words and terms. Keep it as a handy reference guide when you come across a probate word or term you have not seen before. [...]

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Probate an Estate with Lost Will

If you have to probate an estate with lost will in California, it is not an easy task. If a will is lost, specific facts, circumstances, and state law will decide which family members inherit the decedent’s assets. For example, if the will was revoked prior to the decedent’s death, and a new will did [...]

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How to Get a Copy of a Will

If you are involved in a loved one’s estate, you may be wondering how you can get a copy of their will. If your loved one is still living, it may be difficult to get a copy of their will unless they willingly provide it to you. This is because the will is considered personal [...]

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California Probate Without a Will

When a person dies in California, his/her estate must go through the probate process in order for the estate’s property and assets to transfer to the surviving heirs. Filing a California probate without a will is a straightforward process and most people can do it without the help of an attorney. Read on to learn [...]

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California Probate Help – Do It Yourself and Save Money

If you need California probate help and have inherited the responsibility to wrap up the affairs of a deceased family member or friend in California, you may find yourself wading through the process of probate. In California, law allows for statutory fees to be paid to the attorney handling the probate proceeding for the estate. These fees are very high [...]

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Using Ventura Probate Service Rather Than Attorney Saved Beneficiaries Thousands of Dollars!

California statutory attorneys fees for an attorney to handle and probate an estate can be excessive and unreasonable. More and more, people search for an alternative way to complete their probate case. This client shares her story of how A People's Choice, an experienced, non-attorney probate service, saved the beneficiaries and the estate thousands of dollars.

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