California Probate Without a Will

Usually, the probate process utilizes a decedent's will to determine how the estate will be divided. However, when a will is missing, incomplete, or invalid, the court follows the California Intestate Succession Laws instead. Read on to learn more about how these laws work and how you can complete the process process without an attorney, even if you're missing a will!

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How to Do Probate Without a Lawyer in Five Steps

Believe it or not, you CAN probate an estate without spending thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. In fact, hiring a legal document assistant is a great way to probate without a lawyer, but still get help completing and filing legal documents. Read on to learn more about probating without an attorney, and how A People's Choice can help.

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How to Do Probate On Your Own

While much cheaper than hiring an attorney, probating an estate completely on your own is a daunting task. However, "doing it yourself" doesn't mean you're alone. Instead, consider hiring a legal document assistant such as A People's Choice. Our full-service and document-only options provide budget-friendly choices for executors of estates. Read on to learn more about how to do probate with A People's Choice!

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California Probate Information

You can find all the California probate information you need on the website of the courts in your county.  You might get overwhelmed when you see the amount of paperwork or read about the process of selling property that belongs to the estate. Unfortunately, California probate can appear complicated if you do not know what you are doing. It is helpful to work with someone who has dealt with a lot of probate forms before, such as a professional legal document assistant.

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Introduction to Probate Law in California

The main purpose of probate law in California is to make sure the deceased person’s assets get passed on to the people he or she wants to inherit them. Through this process, the court resolves the deceased person’s other unresolved financial matters. The lifecycle of an estate lasts only as long as the probate process. At the end of probate, the estate settles, and the heirs collect their inheritance.

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What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is a scary-sounding word, but the probate process is not that scary. You might think that you have to answer all sorts of prying questions and pay for expensive legal counsel to collect your inheritance. Probate also has a reputation for being a place for estranged family members to say terrible things about each other, like a never-ending divorce under the specter of death. Complicated probate disputes make for eminently clickable journalism, but fortunately, they are not the norm. So, what does probate mean? We can help explain. 

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California Probate Proceedings

A People's Choice can help you understand the complexities surrounding California probate proceedings and help you file probate in California without an attorney. You don't need to hire an attorney to handle most California probate proceedings, and can easily complete probate with a registered legal document assistant.

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California Probate Help – Do It Yourself and Save Money

California probates completed by attorneys almost always come with statutory fees based on the size of the estate. Therefore, anyone looking for a cheaper way to file probate on a friend's or family's estate should look into working with a legal document assistant. Contact A People's Choice today for more information on how we can help you complete the probate process for a flat fee.

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How Much Does Probate Cost?

Inheriting money from a family member can change your financial situation for the better, but it does not mean an instant payday. The estate must first go through probate, which can be a lot of work for the personal representative of the estate. Probate has a reputation for being expensive, so how much does probate cost when everything is said and done? Here's what you need to know.

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How to Find a Probate Attorney

Being the personal representative of an estate is a big responsibility. When a parent or family member has passed away, you may think you need to find a probate attorney to settle the estate.  Lawyers’ services can be expensive, though. After talking with a probate lawyer, however, you might decide that a better choice is to hire a registered legal document assistant to prepare your probate forms. Here's what you need to know.

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