The DIY-er’s Guide to California Probate Forms

In this article, we provide FREE links to the most common forms required to probate an estate in California. Whether you are probating a small estate, a large estate, or a spouse's estate, you can use these legal documents in your probate case. Plus, you may be able to use some of them to avoid probate altogether! Read on to learn more about how to find and use free California probate forms, and how A People's Choice can be of assistance.

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How to Fill Out Petition for Probate Paperwork for California

Trying to prepare a California petition for probate on your own? We've created step-by-step self-help instructions for anyone filling out a petition for probate California form DE-111. However, this paperwork and its required documents can get complicated; in fact, you may want to hire a legal document assistant to help avoid any issues or deficiencies with your probate.

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The DE-111 Petition for Probate

On its face, the DE-111 petition for probate looks fairly simple. We often receive calls from people who wonder why they need to hire someone to prepare such a simple-looking document. Unfortunately, to file a DE-111 petition for probate you will need several different forms and attachments. Although the DE-111 appears, on its face, to be somewhat simple, the completed documents with the required special attachments can be complicated. Surprisingly, a properly completed Petition is typically 15-20 pages!

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How to File Probate in California

Losing a love one can be devastating. While most families grieve their loss, those left behind must also figure out what to do with their loved one’s estate. To distribute assets of a deceased person’s estate to his/her loved ones, a petition for probate must be filed with California court (if assets are held outside [...]

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