Probate of a Will or Estate in California

Probate of a will or estate usually takes nine months to a year, unless there is a dispute over the deceased person’s intentions. Fortunately, probate does not have to be expensive. If the estate of which you are in charge has a value that does not exceed $166,250, you can do a simplified probate alternative instead of the full probate. These alternative processes are faster than full probate, and they cost less. If the estate is worth more than that the process is a bit more involved but you may not need a lawyer. 90% of probate is paperwork, and in the case of the simplest probate alternatives, 100% is paperwork. You do not need a lawyer for probate of a will or estate, just an expert in probate court documents, such as a non-attorney legal document assistant.

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Using a California Small Estate Probate Affidavit

Which California small estate probate affidavit can help you transfer real or personal property to beneficiaries in small estates and avoid probate? A California small estate probate affidavit is a quick way to transfer real property under $55,425 and personal property under $166,250. Here is what you need to know about settling estates using a California small estate probate affidavit.

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How to Settle a Small Estate with Real Property Valued Under $166,250

When a person dies, their property needs to be distributed to their heirs. In the past, this has required filing full probate which, in Calfornia, is a lengthy and expensive procedure. Fortunately, however, California offers several lower-cost alternatives to probate and settling small estates. Here's what you need to know about how to settle a small estate with real property valued under $166,250.

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Inexpensive Probate Options in California

Learn about the expensive probate options available in California. One of the best options is filing probate without a lawyer! This secret is not usually shared by attorneys, and many of them will try to make potential clients fearful of filing probate on their own. What they don't mention is that most estate executors can complete the probate process without legal representation if they have proper help.

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Disadvantages of Simplified Probate Alternatives

There are several simplified probate alternatives that avoid the formal probate process in California. A small estate without real property may be settled by filing a simplified probate affidavit. Spousal community property may be transferred through a spousal petition.  Real property under $166,250 can be transferred by filing a small estate proceeding. Identifying the right simplified probate alternative may be relatively straightforward, and settling an estate using a California simplified probate process will certainly be less expensive! Nevertheless, there are certain disadvantages of using simplified probate alternatives. Read on to learn more about some of the common disadvantages of such probate alternatives and how A People’s Choice can help you.

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