General legal news, articles and helpful information pertaining to the Ventura County Superior Court and the Northern Division of the Central District Bankruptcy Court which services Ventura County. Information includes self-help resources and more for consumers seeking general information about the Ventura County Court system, including the court local rules, bulletins and other newsworthy matters.

A People’s Choice’s Ventura County Legal Document Services Can Help You Save Money!

Unfortunately, some clients discover our services only after spending countless hours in court and unnecessary funds on attorneys fees. Therefore, we always recommend extensively researching your options for legal assistance BEFORE hiring a lawyer. In fact, many routine legal matters can be handled on your own with some help from a legal document assistant! We can help you complete and file required paperwork for matters in which you're representing yourself with the California court system. Call today for more information!

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Legal Document Preparation Fees – Are You Getting a Fair Deal?

What are considered fair and reasonable legal document preparation fees? Consumers typically find considerable discrepancies in cost amongst legal document assistants. Here at A People's Choice, we set fees by taking into consideration value and convenience, keeping our prices extremely competitive compared to rates offered by other companies.

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Ventura County Divorce Forms Legal Assistance

A People's Choice is the only Ventura County divorce service that has offered low-cost divorce help since 1980. If you are considering terminating your marriage through divorce, legal separation or annulment, you will find that we offer the lowest fees and most comprehensive services for divorce document preparation in Ventura County.

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Bankruptcy Court Ventura County Cases Reassigned by Santa Barbara Division

Effective May 10, 2014, Chief Judge Peter H. Carroll is now the main judge for the bankruptcy court Ventura county Northern Division in Santa Barbara, California, replacing Robin Riblet  who was appointed as  bankruptcy judge by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1988 and reappointed in 2002. Judge Riblet is leaving full-time status after [...]

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Ventura County Court Drop Box Hours Changed for Court Document Processing

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.210(a), drop boxes are now provided outside each Clerk's Office for filing papers or submitting payments. Effective Monday, April 21, 2014, the same-day filing deadline for any document deposited in the Ventura county court drop box will no longer be 5:00 p.m. Instead, any document deposited in the Ventura county [...]

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Ventura County Court Limits Operations in December 2013

Superior Court of California County of Ventura PUBLIC NOTICE (Government Code §68106) December 23, 24, 26 and 27, 2013 - Limited Operations Pursuant to Government Code §68106, the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, is providing sixty (60) days notice of limited operation days. The majority of the courtrooms and all of the Ventura [...]

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