What are Letters Testamentary?

In order to settle a California estate, the personal representative or heir must obtain the court’s permission to carry out their duties. Therefore, they must petition the court for either letters testamentary or letters of administration for this permission. Read on to learn more about letters testamentary and how to obtain an order to administer your loved one’s estate.

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Steps to Get Letters Testamentary in Probate

After someone dies in California, an estate may have to through probate. If the estate is large and the decedent had a Will, the first step is to get Letters Testamentary in probate. Probate in California involves many steps. Although probate is complicated, you will not likely need an attorney to handle probate in California. An experienced legal document preparer can help for most estates.

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Common Probate Words and Terms

Understanding probate words and terms is not easy for non-legal professionals. Most forms are written in legalese in which some lawyers don’t even understand. This article will help you understand common probate words and terms. Keep it as a handy reference guide when you come across a probate word or term you have not seen before. [...]

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