If you have looked for California adult adoption forms on the internet, you have probably discovered that there are no Judicial Council California adult adoption forms. In most counties, you must prepare and type adult adoption petitions on 28-line pleading paper. A few counties in California have some limited local forms you can use instead of typing some of the documents. If you are looking to prepare California adult adoption forms, we urge you to consider working with A People’s Choice to complete the forms you need. Not only do we make completing the California adult adoption forms easy and stress-free, we offer fair and reasonable prices for our services. Read on to learn more.

California Adult Adoption Forms

As mentioned above, in most counties, you must manually prepare and type up your own documents to start the adult adoption process. In this regard, the legal documents filed with the court must contain specific statutory language. In general, you need to complete the following documents for an adult adoption:

  1. The Adoption Agreement. The adult adoption agreement is a document that both the adoptor and the adoptee sign. The document confirms the parties’ consent to their new legal relationship as parent and child.  This new relationship provides benefits of inheritance rights and other legal rights of parent/child under the law.
  2. The Petition for Approval of Adoption Agreement. This document asks the court to approve the adoption agreement. The document must include the ages of the parties, the marital status, the nature and length of the relationship, and the reasons the parties are asking for the adoption. The pleading must also explain why the adoption will be in the best interest of both parties.
  3. The Order of Adoption. The Order of Adoption confirms the court’s approval of the adoption. The judge will sign the Order at the adoption hearing.
  4. Spousal Consent (if applicable). If either party is married, they must get spousal consent for the adoption. Neither party can waive this requirement.
  5. Single Status Declaration. If the adoptor or the adoptee is not married, most courts need a signed declaration confirming the party’s status as a single person.
  6. Court Report of Adoption. The Court Report of Adoption provides information about how the parties want the birth certificate changed to show the adopting parent and the adoptee’s new name.

Filing the Adult Adoption Paperwork

Some of the documents mentioned above may need notarization before filing with the court. Also, many courts also need proof of identification of each party. If you are not using the services of a registered legal document assistant to help you, you should check with the local court clerk to make sure you understand your court’s requirements.

Once you complete the required pleadings, you should file everything with the Court Clerk. In an adult adoption proceeding, the parties have a choice of counties to submit their case. In this regard, you can present the adult adoption documents for filing in the County Court in which either party resides. The court clerk will file the petition, give you a case number, and set a hearing date. Keep in mind, both parties must attend the hearing. During the hearing, the judge will ask each party about the reasons for the adult adoption. Refer to the Petition when discussing the reason for the adoption with the judge.

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