California Assembly Bill No. 888, authored by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson may drastically impact California consumers access to legal help from non-attorneys who, without the help of a legal document assistant, may be unable to obtain access to justice.

The current law enables the California State Bar to seek injunctions against UPL (unauthorized practice of law) violators. However, AB 888 offers a perverse financial incentive to the State Bar to persecute Legal Document Assistants (LDAs). This is achieved because California Bill AB 888 provides for an award of Attorney’s fees to the State Bar if they prevail; yet there is no award of Attorney fees to the LDAs who are found innocent. This will create a perverse financial incentive to the State Bar to pursue claims against LDAs whether they are legitimate or not and further, creates such an imbalance of power and inherent financial risk to do business, that many LDAs will stop providing assistance to self-represented citizens.

State Bar Conflict of Interest

The State bar has a natural conflict of interest when it comes to the regulating of Legal Document Assistants, because many of the Bar’s members see Legal Document Assistants as competition. While they do not offer legal advice, Legal Document Assistants prepare legal documents and other legal paperwork at a fraction of the price of Attorneys. The State Bar will receive a great deal of pressure from its members and from local Bar Associations to pursue these claims against Legal Document Assistants and the highly effective and professional LDAs will be targeted the most by the State Bar, as the successful LDAs are often viewed as competition by local attorneys.

Why Consumers Hire a Legal Document Assistant

Many consumers are unable to afford the services of an attorney. Therefore, they hire a Legal Document Assistant to provide self-help legal services, under the consumer’s direction. In some contested matters, these consumers are already at a disadvantage by not having an Attorney. It would be a greater and serious disruption to California consumers access to  justice if they are unable to hire a Legal Document Assistant to prepare, process, and file their legal documents for them.

Many courts offer assistance to self-represented litigants, however, they are seriously overwhelmed, with long wait times, and are frequently unable to provide timely assistance to all who require it. Legal Document Assistants offer similar services to the public —therefore assisting self-represented litigants and decreasing the strain on the courts.

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Protect Your Rights and Get Involved

California Consumers have great need of the services of a professional Legal Document Assistant, and our services are of great benefit to many for whom typical legal fees are unaffordable. California Bill AB 888 is a threat to California consumers. Preserve your rights to low-cost legal document assistance using the services of a Legal Document Assistant. Write your congressman not to pass California Bill AB 888.

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