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How to Resolve Mistakes Made by a Court Clerk

Sometimes, even the court system makes simple mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes made by a court clerk, for example, can create serious difficulties. For example, receiving a $100,000 award in a judgment, but finding the clerk accidentally wrote in "$10,000" instead. How devastating! How can you fix this "slip of the pen" and receive the award to which you are entitled? Attempting to resolve mistakes made by a court clerk should be simple, but many people find it harder than they expect. A People's Choice can help you get those errors corrected in a swift, timely fashion.

Tips on Price Shopping For Legal Services

Price shopping for legal services is often frowned upon by [...]

File Probate in San Bernardino County

Do you need help to file probate in San Bernardino County? As you probably have discovered in your research, hiring a San Bernardino County probate attorney is very expensive. Read on to learn more about how we can help you file probate in San Bernardino County and save you thousands of dollars as compared to using an attorney.

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