Due to budget cuts, some California courts are trying to handle the filing process more efficiently by implementing (and requiring) electronic filing (or e-filing). As a result, California court electronic filing services are becoming mainstream when filing documents with many courts.

Effective January 1, 2013, following amendments to Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.5 and 1010.6 which outline California courts electronic filing requirements, courts are able to accept documents for filing by electronic transmission. The statute defines “electronic transmission” as “the transmission of a document by electronic means to the electronic service address at or through which a party or other person has authorized electronic service.”

Growing Mandate for Electronic Filing of Court Documents

Although not all courts accept documents filed electronically, the California court electronic filing program is becoming more widespread and some counties, including San Diego and Orange County,  have gone so far as to actually mandate the filing of documents via electronic filing. In addition to utilizing e-filing, many courts also accept documents filed by fax.

California Court Electronic Filing Requirements

You can usually find information on how to e-file or fax file with a specific court on the court’s website. It is important to understand that the rules and procedures for e-filing or fax filing can vary dramatically from court to court.  Filing documents electronically with the court is generally accomplished using an approved electronic service provider, who files court documents on your behalf. Courts that utilize e-filing typically can be more efficient in the processing of filed paperwork, and customers that use e-filing have the convenience of being able to avoid long lines at the courthouse.

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