Every marital dissolution filed in California requires both the petitioner and the respondent to complete and file several forms prior to finalizing the divorce. From filing the initial petition to entering the final judgment, parties will prepare anywhere from 10-20 documents on average during the divorce process.

At A People’s Choice, we help residents complete California divorce forms in a professional, low-cost manner. We have years of experience successfully preparing divorce documents on our clients’ behalf. Contact us in confidence to find out how we can help you, and read on to learn more about how to obtain California divorce forms.

Where to Find California Divorce Forms

There are several physical and online sources for obtaining California divorce forms:

In person

To locate forms in person, simply visit your local law library and ask an assistant for the forms you need. Most law libraries have a binder of up-to-date forms that can be copied for personal use for a small fee. However, you can also go to the local courthouse or a pro bono legal clinic to get a marital dissolution package for free.


Online, you can visit the local courthouse website to download forms for your divorce. For example, here is a list of locally approved family law forms for the Superior Court of Los Angeles Family Law Division. You can also visit the California courts website to obtain forms.

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Cons of Online Divorce Forms

There are several divorce form software applications available to the public that can be accessed for free or for a small price. For example, Rocket Lawyer, FindLaw, and LegalZoom all provide online divorce forms software for a fee.

While accessible, these applications often require ongoing payments to access any saved documents. Additionally, they require additional fees for professional help. Unfortunately, these fees can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Much like these service providers, the state’s online divorce forms are not very practical in the long run. For instance, certain forms must often be served several times throughout a divorce. Therefore, if you complete the form online, you will not be able to save a completed copy. As a result, you will have to re-fill them more than once.

At A People’s Choice, not only are our services affordable, but we can prepare your forms in a reasonable amount of time and keep them for no additional fees.

Benefits of Using a Non-Attorney Professional for California Divorce Forms

Most divorces are simply a matter of paperwork. In fact, attorneys usually just assign legal document preparation tasks to their paralegals at an exorbitant cost to the client. Therefore, parties should consider using a non-attorney professional to complete California divorce forms to save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Believe it or not, most people are capable of representing themselves in court. Plus, most amicable California divorces can be completed without necessitating a court appearance!

Contact A People’s Choice today to find out how you can get legal document help at an affordable price for your California divorce. We offer several convenient interview processes, including in-person, over telephone, and online.

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