If there is one fact in life that will stay true for a long time, it’s this: divorce in California,  as well as other states, can be expensive. More specifically, hiring a California divorce attorney can be very costly regardless if you hire a solo practitioner or a mid-sized firm. Fortunately, there are several options available for people who do not seek to hire an attorney and are looking for divorce lawyer alternatives to complete a California divorce. Furthermore,  approximately 95% of divorces in the United States are “uncontested” because the parties are able to reach an agreement without going to trial by using the services of a legal document assistant, mediator or lawyer. This fact alone, should encourage individuals seeking to file for divorce to look for low-cost alternatives to get them through the process.  Read on to learn more about alternatives to hiring a California divorce attorney when filing for divorce.

Divorce Attorney Alternative – Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Statistics have shown that about 75% of divorces that were filed without using an attorney were successful. In some instances, people represented themselves without any professional help. Legal experts say this is not advisable and is an option that should only be considered as a last resort. An affordable alternative is to hire a registered legal document assistant. In the state of California, it is permissible to use the services of a legal document assistant to help you with paperwork needed throughout the divorce process.  The success rate of divorces that were filed using the services of a registered legal document assistant increase dramatically as compared to those cases filed by people without any professional help. Here are few things that a registered legal document assistant can do for you:

  • Prepare legal documents for you.
  • Assist you on where each specific form should be filed.
  • Assist you on how you can serve the papers to your spouse, even in special cases such as a spouse residing outside of the country.
  • Assist you on how to fill out specific forms for modifying child support or alimony.

Low-Cost Alternative to Hiring Divorce Lawyer

A California Registered Legal Document Assistant cannot give you legal advice. It’s also important to note that they cannot represent you in court. Talk to a legal document assistant if you feel confident in being able to handling your marital dissolution. If you have a high valued marital estate, or complex child custody issues, you may want to get legal advice (not necessarily hire an attorney) before filing your petition for divorce.

Locating Divorce Document Assistance

As with any business service you may not be familiar with, you should conduct thorough research before you hire a legal document assistant to help you with your divorce proceedings. This applies to divorce attorneys as well. Don’t assume a legal document assistant is capable of assisting you in your divorce process from simple online reviews. It helps if they have a website rich with information, are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and have a proven track record of success.

Hiring a registered legal document assistant is also helpful when your divorce involves complex rules of civil procedure. Though Ventura County is fairly easy to navigate when it comes to simple divorces processes, neighboring counties such as Los Angeles or Santa Barbara County have different family law court rules that apply in regards to legal issues. An experienced legal document assistant can give you lots of informational materials to help you understand the divorce process. A legal document assistant can also prepare your paperwork consistent with state laws for a lesser fee than a divorce attorney and should be aware of the local rules and intricacies of your local court.

Whether you decide to seek out the services of a registered legal document assistant or choose to represent yourself in court, remember that sometimes peace of mind and accuracy in filing your legal documents are more important than saving money.

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