Pricing for Conservatorship Document Preparation

pricing costsOne of the most important questions when considering getting professional help for legal document preparation service is…how much is it going to cost? All of the conservatorship document services offered by A People’s Choice are quoted on a flat fee. This fee covers preparing the standard conservatorship paperwork. Our flat fees also include unlimited communication by email. We also offer case management services for an additional fee. Fees quoted do not include any court filing fees or other costs. Visit our FAQs center for answers to many frequently asked questions about our services!


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Conservatorships Services We Offer Price
Standard Conservatorship of Person AND/OR Estate (1 Petitioner) with or without Dementia Orders (Documents Only) $1500
Limited Conservatorship for Developmentally Disabled (Documents Only) $1200
Add-on Fees for Emergency Ex Parte Conservatorship (limited or standard) +$300
Additional co-petitioner fee to any Conservatorship Petition +$200
Add-on Fees for application for notice waivers and order +$300
Add-on Fees for case management through Petition phase. Services include scheduling of any associated hearings, facilitating filing of documents with the court and other management services typically required to complete your Petition request +$250
Standard preparation time is 10-14 business days. Rush preparation of all documentation is available for additional fee $350+